Using the Canon 70D for Video – Review

Canon 70D for video
Canon 70D for video

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This article looks at the pros and cons of using the Canon 70D for video.

The best thing about this camera is the auto focus. One of the biggest problems with using DSLR for video is the fact that there is usually no auto focus available. Using manual focus can be great for capturing artistic shots, however sometimes you might want to put it in auto mode so you don’t miss any action.


  • Capture every detail with a 20.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+ processor
  • Take control of your camera and frame your subjects from multiple angles with a Vari-angle touch screen
  • Keep shooting when light levels fall thanks to ISO 12800 (H:25600)


  • New Auto-focus feature – simply touch the object on the screen and the camera will automatically focus on the object/person
  • Clean Images – The new APS-C CMOS sensor helps capture all the small details. The sensor has a dual pixel feature that allows it to process more information, this lets you capture video and do other things simultaneously such as auto-focus.
  • More recording options – You have a couple more options for the way in which video is recorded to your card.
  • Touch Screen – New feature that can be useful for those who like changing setting by touching the screen. As more features become available it’s simply not possible to fit everything on to one screen
  • Audio Meters – Ability to track audio by checking the meter. You can set the mic level before recording.


  • Poor sound quality – Like with most DSLRs, you will need to purchase an external mic
  • No Headphone Jack – Unable to monitor your audio with your ears, but as discussed there is a meter than helps with this
  • No Major change from 60D – On the face of it there hasn’t been a huge addition of features from the previous model (Canon 60D). However the changes that have occurred have been quite significant and can really aid in the filming of video via DSLRs
  • Record for 30 mins – In fact it’s a little less. One of the main drawback in using the Canon 70D for video is that you cannot record for longer than 30 mins at a time. After 30 mins the recording stops, you then need to press record again to film for another 30 mins. If a file goes over 4GB it will split the video into two or more files.

Is the Canon 70D Good for video?

The short answer is yes. The Canon 70D has a number of new features that makes it great for capturing video. In particular the auto-focus! This is considered to be a semi-professional camera. A perfect choice for those who are thinking of purchasing their first DSLR, or are new to using DSLR for shooting video. Review prices and buy one today. We approve of using the Canon 70D for video.