Google Hat – Are Google really creating a camera hat?

Google has been granted a patent to create a hat with a built in camera.

This is not the first time Google have taken a leap into the wearable tech market. Their first attempt was only a couple years ago with Google Glass. We can only wonder why they decided to move from glasses to a cap. Perhaps their logic went something like this:



Similar products do exist. For example this cap with a spycam. UK | US. It allows you to record video straight from your cap.

Cap with Camera

View in UK | View in US

The Google Hat will however offer more features.


The hat will send vibrations into the skull in order to allow the user to hear sound from the device. The camera will be linked to an app, allowing the user to record video in first person, without holding up a phone.

Google Hat
Google Hat With Camera

Why are Google launching these products?

Google’s reasoning for launching products like this is that they are looking to remove technology from people’s lives – A little odd for a technology company?

A visit to the Google offices last year helped me to understand exactly what they are trying to achieve. They believe that technology is getting in the way of people’s lives, and by removing it’s obstructive nature, people can live their lives as normal while still maintaining all the benefits that technology can bring to this world.

The idea behind Google Glass was that people will no longer have to look down at their phones, but are able to access their screens by simply looking to one corner. They can interact with the device through simple voice commands, and keep their heads high.

Google Hat pros and cons:


  • Ability to use camera without holding a phone
  • Good sound innovation
  • Looks more attractive than Google Glass
  • Links with phone


  • Perhaps not fashionable enough for some
  • Easy to loose
  • Who wears a cap inside?


Only time will tell us how successful this product is going to be. While it may not replace mobile phones, the hat could work wonders for tech support help, allowing the person giving support to get into the eyes of the customer. There is however still no guarantee that the hat will be produced.